Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I bought a heated electric blanket for my s-dad yesterday. He LOVES it. Good to know that little things can make someone's day. No more cold toes.
I'm thinking everyone I know is in dire need of a vacation. 'Spring break' was created for a reason. I think someone should make it a mandatory holiday. Get away, clean out the dust, breathe in the fresh air, and let go of stresses. Spring is great. No longer so cold you feel like staying undercover all day, and not yet so hot that you can actually feel your skin tighten with the sunshine. I like Fall too. Again with it being cooler than the crazy days of summer, it's a nice lead up to winter frozen fingers and noses. Although where I live, we are lucky to get a week of actual fall weather.
Back to the stress thing. How does someone deal with stress? I know of many supposed stress relievers. Sex, exercise, eating, laughing, ignoring it altogether until one explodes.....
If anyone has any other ideas, would be good to share.

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  1. Mmm how to deal with stress??? Does moving across the country to excape life here work? I'm gonna give it a whirl anyway. :)